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We help every day athletes bounce back from injuries and get back to performing at their highest levels

We work with those who are active, and those wanting to become more active. The busy professionals who take pride in their health. The surfers, runners, hikers, crossfit athletes, and those on a self driven journey to better their future selves. We are the guides to help these people continue to live the lives that they love without restriction. We are the guides, they are the heroes. It’s our mission to optimize their human sustainability and help them build the best versions of themselves. Welcome aboard.  

Kaci & Will.JPG

Will has been treating my teenage daughter, Kaci, for close to a year. Kaci was dealing with Achilles tendinitis due to a rapid growth spurt and playing competitive volleyball four days a week. Will’s vast knowledge was key to quickly getting Kaci healed. In addition to weekly appointments, Will gave Kaci take-home exercises and would check in on her throughout the week. I continue to send Kaci to The Movement Schopp several times a month because I believe his expertise and preventative maintenance exercises will prevent injury and allow my daughter to reach a higher level sports performance while keeping her body healthy.

— Kaci, Youth Athlete

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