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Functional Fitness
CrossFit Athletes

We help every day athletes bounce back from injuries and get back to performing at their highest levels

We work with those who are active, and those wanting to become more active. The busy professionals who take pride in their health. The surfers, runners, hikers, crossfit athletes, and those on a self driven journey to better their future selves. We are the guides to help these people continue to live the lives that they love without restriction. We are the guides, they are the heroes. It’s our mission to optimize their human sustainability and help them build the best versions of themselves. Welcome aboard.  

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I had a bad shoulder pain for a few months and I was having a hard time to lift my arm because of the pain. The first day I visited William, I explained my pain and he tested some movements with me and taught me some exercises that I can do at home.
After several days I noticed that my shoulder moves better with less pain. I visited him 4 times now and my shoulder range of motion is increased and I can lift my arm so much easier than before! If you have any type of pain, this is the place you want to go!

— Noriko, Crossfit athlete


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I went to a free TMS workshop months ago because I’ve been dealing with mobility issues for years. I learned a couple of new band stretches and decided to dig in deeper. A couple of months later and my mobility has improved in my knee and elbow and I wasn’t sure if it was possible. I had been doing maintenance work for years which has helped me feel better but now I’m moving better and it’s improved my range of motion and therefore workouts. The new techniques that I’ve learned are becoming a habit and I expect that my mobility will continue to improve. I’m incredibly grateful to have found TMS!!

— Liem, crossfit athlete/golfer


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