What makes The Movement Schopp different from other physical therapy practices?


We guide and empower people who feel they are being slowed down by problems or injuries while staying free from injections, pain medication, or surgeries. 

At the surface level, your true problem will be diagnosed to it's root causes, those root causes will be eliminated, and finally, we will develop a game plan together to make sure the problem never returns so you don't have to be slowed down anymore!


But it's deeper than that... We eliminate pain and problems with health at The Movement Schopp. This means while we will take care of your back trouble, knee trouble, shoulder trouble, etc., we will also work to improve your over all health and fitness as well! Send us a message if you want to learn more about this unique recovery system using the tab in the bottom right corner of this page!


What are the prices for your services?


We don't work for insurance companies, we work for you!

We will provide you with a super-bill to submit to your insurance for our of network benefits, however, we are not in network with any insurance beside Medicare Part B.

Here are our service fees:

     Single Visit - $185

  •  In depth 60-75 minute evaluation to find all problem areas

  • Structured recovery program to follow at home

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 


     Gold Program - $990

  • 6 Visits (over 2-3 months) - Save $120

  • 24/7 Access to TMS Team - Priceless

  • 2-3 Month Recovery Program 

  • Free Mobility tool



     Platinum Program - $1,550

  • 10 Visits (over 3-4 months) - Save $300

  • 24/7 Access to TMS Team - Priceless

  • 3-4 Month Recovery Program

  • Priority Scheduling 

  • Free Mobility tool & T-shirt

  • Share Visits w/ Family

Can I use my HSA or FSA dollars for this package?

Yes. That's your money and we are qualified medical providers.

You can use both your HSA and FSA money towards this package.


What should I expect at my first visit?


Step 1: We work with you to decrease and eliminate your pain.

Step 2: We develop a custom plan together to fix the root of your problem for                       good.

Step 3: We work together to ensure your problem never returns!

(P.S. You will want to show up in workout clothes because we will be moving)

Are you able to see patients with Medicare Part B? 


Yes! We are in network with Medicare Part B and would love to work with you!


The Movement Schopp

291 W 22nd St. suite 104

San Pedro, California 




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