We see people everyday who are golfers who are losing distance as they age.
Are you losing distance?
Are you having to take Advil before, during, or after their rounds because your back tightens up?
It doesn't have to be that way!

What you’ll get from working with us:

 -a better understanding of your movements 

-finding how to fix your problem for good 

-making sure it doesn’t come back again 

-improving your  mobility and performance

Ricky & Eric.HEIC

Ricky & Will from The Movement Schopp have been incredible to work with! I've had several injuries & surgeries over the past few years and I've been struggling to get back to full health. I've worked with several physical therapists on my journey back to health, but I just felt like I was getting boiler plate treatment. Ricky & Will are extremely professional & incredibly knowledgeable and have put together a tailored program, that's producing lasting results. I would highly recommend The Movement Schopp to anyone looking for a great Physical Therapist to get you back in the game!

— Eric, Golfer