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About Us

Optimizing Human Sustainability Through Performance Physical Therapy

We provide exceptional care to active people and their families so they can eliminate physical limitations and get back to the active lifestyle they love!

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Our Mission

We believe freedom is the most powerful possession in our life.

It allows us to do the things we love like travel with friends, enjoy quality time with our family, & live an active, fulfilled life unrestricted by physical limitations.

Too often the medical community tells you to stop being active at some point.

They say you're too old to squat, jump, run, hike, surf and even perform movements needed to play with your kids!

Well, we disagree.

I just want to leave you with one question:

How much of your current lifestyle fits the mold of the lifestyle you’re meant to live?

Build A Better You!

Meet The Team

Our services

  • Performance Physical Therapy

    • Crossfit/functional fitness athletes​

    • Golfers

    • Runners

    • Pregnancy/postpartum

    • Dancers

    • Active adults / weekend warriors of all types

  • Performance Training


  • TPI Golf Screening

  • Running Analysis

  • Strong 4 Life Continued Growth Plans (only for current or past patients/clients)

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