Feeling Vs. Healing: What You Need To Know For Results That Last

Updated: Jan 9

So you’ve been dealing with this injury/problem for some time now. It feels better for a while, but then just comes right back again.

Maybe you’re getting through a few miles into your run/hike, modifying your workout, or even dealing with issues playing with your kids.

You either feel like you are doing everything you should be doing to help, or you just don’t know where to start, but it's just not getting better. Well, good news, the solution to both of those problems are written below!

You’ve tried resting, icing, foam rolling, stretching, adjustments or other treatments. They may make it feel better for a while, but why isn’t it getting better for good?

You may only be taking care of half the problem.

Let me explain…

Treatments such as foam rolling, massage guns, adjustments, cupping, and taping tend to result in short term changes.

While these treatments can be a great place to start your rehab journey, they can rarely be a place you finish because they don’t build integrity and resilience in your movements!

None the less, some of these treatments are ways we start almost every plan to help someone recover from an injury for 2 reasons:

  1. It will help reduce the sensitivity of the area helping to bring pain/discomfort levels down.

  2. It can help decrease the stiffness of tissues within/between the various muscle layers in our body. Think about this as if you were heating up a bowl of soup. As the soup gets hot, the fluid moves much easier than when it cools off and it becomes thicker and more gel like in nature. This soft tissue work such as massage, foam rolling, adjustments, cupping, or anything else passive like this can help get your problem area moving better temporarily.

This is a great way to make your injury/problem area feel better long enough to get through that workout, run, or anything else you may be training for.

But here’s the problem, it won’t fix the issue for the long run.

Now, if your goal is to just have some temporary relief from your issue and keep powering through your movements without taking care of the root of the problem, you can stop here.

BUT, if you want to learn how to take care of your problem for good, keep going!

Here’s the Solution

We need to optimize your human sustainability.

In other words, we need to build your integrity of movement, increase resilience in the actual muscles or whatever problem area we are dealing with, and make sure we do it consistently over time.

Consistency is key for healing any injury/problem, not rest or other passive treatments.

We need to be consistently moving well and recovering well.

Moving well consists of the right dosage of strength training and mobility work with high quality movement.

Recovering well consists of the right dosage of sleep, nutrition, and stress management to give your body the most efficient healing environment for it to do what it does best: HEAL ITSELF.

Our body is always healing itself. Thats actually how you get stronger!