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Meet Our partners

The Gyms and Clubs listed below are the best around. We work very closely with them and highly recommend them all to our patients and clients here at The Movement Schopp!

Blueprint workshop.jpg

The BluePrint LA

We want to empower people to believe in their passion and connect them with their purpose while producing real, sustainable results. 


“As a training facility built on culture, community, and connection The Blueprint LA offers a wide range of group fitness classes with one goal: to bring people together in a positive, team-like atmosphere. Clear of egos and filled with positivity and empowerment, BPLA is driven by our clients’ results and we take pride in helping our community live with passion and purpose. “

Click here for a Free 3 day Trial with our friends over at BPLA

Crossfit Provoke

CrossFit Provoke is a CrossFit gym in Lomita with an amazing culture and great workouts. Their coaches are all packed with a ton of experience to help people increase their fitness at all levels.

Click here for more info on how to get started with CFP

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