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We see people everyday that are dealing with a shoulder or neck problem when padding out. It doesn't have to be that way!

What you’ll get from working with us:

  • A detailed understanding of your swimming mechanics 

  • Find the root cause of your problem 

  • Make sure it doesn’t come back again 

  • Improve your performance and hit PR’s along the way

When you come in, we will take you through a full evaluation that includes video analysis of your running mechanics in order to develop a plan of care. Not only will you get back to running pain free, but we will refine your mechanics, boost your efficiency, and improve your times!

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For the rest of this month we are offering a special deal just for our people who are serious about taking care of their problem for good. For a limited time we are offering an initial consultation for only $97! That’s 61% off our normal evaluation price of $249! But don’t wait! We only offer 7 of these specials every month due to high demand for our Doctors. We can’t wait to work with you and get you back to performing at your highest level!

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I have had several sessions with William and with each visit I feel progression and improvement. I have much less pain, much better body awareness and a ton of optimism about future gains! If you’re interested in a totally specialized, individual recovery, exercise and wellness program, it’s here for you at the Movement Schopp in San Pedro, CA!

-Shana, surfer/active mom



William and his team are very kind and helpful. As a surfer, I need to stretch more and my workout routine often comes and goes depending on the season/size of waves.
Yet, every time I go in to the Movement Schopp I always feel motivated and William breaks everything down for someone like me to understand. Also they let me play Shane and Shane or Marty Robbins during the sessions...epic tunes. God bless!

-Will, surfer


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